Travel like a local
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About The travel book

This website is a passion project, a travel journal where I collect all of my memories from of all of my experiences and trips. I have been lucky enough to visit some of the most remote corners of the world from the hills of Peru to the rivers of Vietnam and have stopped in between in some more urban cities like London, Paris and Milan.

Having grown up in Israel, Moscow, Chicago, New York, Paris and Los Angeles, my passion for discovery and seeing the world around me has become ingrained into the very sense of my being. I love finding the most exciting under the radar whole in the wall restaurants, the best boutiques selling one of a kind, hard to find items that can only be purchased in that place and most importantly - traveling the world like a local!

i have gotten lost in many streets of cities big and small so that you don't have to. Use this website as a guide on your next trip to see the world through my eyes. Read City & Culture to learn about event updates, current happenings and smaller guides that did not make it into the archives. 

Sending you love, light and safe travels,